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Move Beyond The Borders of Logistics, Change The World and Revolutionize Your Business

If you have difficulties in container tracking and looking for a reliable and advanced tracking system we offer you , which will enable you to differentiate your business.

Digital Identity
Increase Your Online Presence
Outgrow Others with Strong Digital Identity
  • If your website has any relationship with logistics, container shipping, import/export, get your web site to the top of digital logistics world.
  • Give container tracking services in your web site, expand your valued added services quality and increase your visitors in the digital world.
  • Send automatic tracking notifications emails with your company's logo and digitilize your business.
  • All container tracking e-mails will be sent automatically with the company's logo,
  • With scheduled e-mail service you will be notified 3 and 7 days before arrival so you'll get the advantage of minimizing your demurrage and warehousing risks.
Join Enjoy the benefits of dashboard services.